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After Effects Script

Please follow these guidelines when preparing your After Effects scripts for submission.

File Requirements

Your After Effects Script must be a .jsx or .jsxbin file. Script files should reside in a main root directory along with documentation. Any required secondary files should reside in appropriate sub-folders inside the main directory.


All After Effects Scripts must include documentation which explains how to make the necessary changes.

Some scripts may feature a dockable user interface within After Effects and require the user to install them into the ScriptUI Panels folder. Your documentation should specify whether the user needs to install to the ScriptUI Panels folder, or if the script should be run from the menu using File > Scripts > Run Script File.

The following formats are acceptable:

  • RichTXT
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Video

Product Preview

After Effects scripts may include either an image preview or a video preview of the product.

Single photo previews can be added by using the Featured Image field on the product submission form. Or you may choose to create a multi-image gallery. In the Product Description field, click on Add Media, then Create Gallery, upload your preview images and Insert Into Gallery. Then change the post format from Default to Gallery and your images will appear as a slider gallery on your product page.

If using a video preview you may show the product in use. You may also include a walkthrough demonstration of how to use the product. Upload your video to YouTube and then enter the video URL in the Preview Video field on the product submission form.

Product Delivery

Your final product for submission should be compressed using the .zip format. The file name should be the same as the product title and using underscores for spaces between words (example: my_after_effects_script.zip).